Transform data into growth, insights into innovation, and strategy into triumph.

Data makes the difference

Empowered decisions

Our custom strategies are the result of meticulous analysis and careful planning, ensuring that every effort is purposeful, impactful, and aligned with your business goals.

Campaign synergy

Intelligence tools give us a bird's-eye view of your digital presence and help us connect the dots between different campaigns. When campaigns work harmoniously, we avoid disjointed efforts and deliver better results for our clients.

Confident divergence

We boldly deviate from standard practices, instead exploring where the data takes us to uncover innovative approaches. We use the latest tools and technology to anticipate market shifts and deliver results beyond the ordinary.

Intelligence services

Strategy & planning

Navigate the digital landscape with purpose. We craft data-driven roadmaps that guide your digital initiatives, ensuring that every move is aligned with your overarching goals and fueled by actionable insights.

Attribution & analytics

Decipher the digital journey. We illuminate the impact of each touchpoint, enabling you to allocate resources strategically and maximize the effectiveness of your campaigns.

Reporting & data visualization

Unleash the power of data clarity. We bring complex data to life, presenting it in intuitive, easy-to-understand visuals that reveal trends, opportunities, and areas to optimize.

Using data to disrupt

Unlike marketers who indiscriminately allocate resources, we take a calculated approach, leveraging data insights to pinpoint precise solutions. By unearthing opportunities hidden beneath the surface, we can focus on efficient and targeted strategies that edge the competition.





Our tools

HubSpot is a customer relationship management software we recommend to companies for its lead management, automation (email and post-scheduling), and live chat capabilities. It is also a powerful analytics tool with A/B testing, SEO, and audience personalization features.

Funnel.io centralizes data from various marketing channels into one unified platform, eliminating the need for manual data extraction from multiple sources. It pulls in data in real time and helps companies understand the contribution of each channel in the customer journey to make informed decisions on budget allocation.


  • What is intelligence?

    Intelligence is the visualization, organization, and strategic use of data and analytics to inform, optimize, present, and enhance online marketing efforts.

  • What intelligence services does De Novo Digital offer?

    De Novo Digital is a digital marketing agency with intelligence built into its services, and we also offer expanded options. For example, our SEO and paid media services come with standard performance updates and basic analysis, so we can ensure our campaigns are performing. We also prefer to have an understanding of each company and industry we work in, which is why most of our partnerships begin with an audit of your digital presence and a competitor analysis. This allows us to make informed suggestions and build custom strategies that yield results.

    From there, companies can utilize one or more of our intelligence tools to meet their specific needs. For instance, if you want to map your customer journey or identify the most effective marketing channels, Funnel.io has robust analytical capabilities. HubSpot is beneficial for email automation and tracking and can also help you build buyer personas. Are you looking for digestible graphs and visuals to share internally with non-marketing personnel? We have options for that, too!

  • Why should I invest in intelligence?

    Investing in intelligence means a company values being intentional with its time, energy, and money. Not only is data the key to understanding which marketing efforts are worth investing in, but it can also provide the “proof” marketers need to demonstrate the value of their efforts to financial stakeholders. 

    With accurate data and analytics, companies can continuously monitor and optimize their marketing campaigns and gain valuable insights into customer behaviors, personas, and evolving market trends. Many of our intelligence tools also offer automation features, such as Hubspot’s lead follow-up and nurturing, so your team can focus on more strategic activities. 

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