About us

We are an agency of disruptors who strive to set a new standard.

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Our story

De Novo Digital was born out of a desire to create digital marketing solutions that are as authentic as they are exceptional. Since 2019, our team has been committed to propelling our clients forward with tailored brand strategies and exceptional, innovative work.

Our experience in multi-industry marketing allows us to bring a unique perspective to the legal space. We put our reputation on the line with every asset we deliver—and our clients see it in their results.

At De Novo Digital, we are


We strive to provide creative solutions that set your law firm apart from the competition. With our understanding of the legal industry and its unique challenges, we create compelling content that communicates complex legal concepts and engages your clients in new and exciting ways.


We utilize our expertise to allocate campaign funds effectively and produce a significant ROI for your firm. We have a proven track record of delivering results, making us a reliable partner for law firms looking to increase website traffic, lead generation, and clients.


We perform extensive market research and build innovative strategies based on empirical data and the current digital landscape. We identify areas of improvement based on competitor analysis and utilize the latest tools and techniques to achieve exceptional results.


Every business deserves a marketing partner who desires a victory more than a passing grade. We track your brand's progress and optimize our strategies to deliver tangible results that propel your company forward.


We understand the importance of setting your brand apart while staying true to your company's core values and mission. As your digital marketing partner, we leverage our expertise and marketing tools to create campaigns that distribute and magnify your brand's desired image.

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