Mosquito Fire

How De Novo Digital delivered Page 1 search rankings within 100 days for a fire litigation law firm.


A law firm hired De Novo Digital to develop and implement a multi-pronged marketing strategy to reach Mosquito Fire victims and maximize the lawsuits’ earning potential. The digital marketing agency analyzed previous marketing efforts and current user trends to determine its strategy:

“Engage people where they are, with what they need, when they need it.”

The two areas of focus for the campaign were SEO and ads. Each played a distinct role in delivering the visibility, functionality, and effectiveness the law firm desired. Audiences searching for relief resources and legal information were an important target for the campaign, and it would also be valuable to engage those users whenever and wherever they could be reached online. Content creation and keyword research were crucial to the campaign, and user experience across platforms, including Google and social media, was carefully considered.     

De Novo Digital determined that this strategy would solidify the law firm as the premier choice for Mosquito Fire litigation. With tactical setup and analytics, valuable insight would be gained to optimize the campaign and subsequent campaigns to produce better results over time. De Novo implemented its strategies quickly and simultaneously. While services were ongoing, the campaign began delivering results almost immediately.

Case study