Creating and managing successful social media accounts can be difficult and seem overwhelming if you’re new to content marketing. Luckily there are an incredible amount of free, easy-to-use, resources, apps, and other tools to help create content and manage your social media accounts. Here are some of the best free social media management tools to step up your digital marketing game.

For Designers

1) Nimbus screenshot 

This Chrome extension is a great tool to use when you need to capture more than just what is displayed on your screen. It allows you to capture entire browser windows or only a portion of the screen you desire to screenshot. You have the option to edit or annotate directly on the screenshot. The extension not only allows the capabilities to take still shots of your browser but can also record your screen or from your webcam. 

2) ThingLink

ThingLink lets you create images and infographics that include links, videos, and other content for users to click on easily. The content that you create is also easily shareable and embedded.

3) Image Color Picker

This is a great tool to match colors for designs and marketing products. You can upload an image, and the color picker will provide the HTML Color Code, Hex color code value, RGB value, and HSV value for a specific color in that image. 

For Researchers

4) Site:search 

This is a great way to use Google to search for content on a specific website. Just type in a website such as and insert the topic you want to search, and you're set! Google will scan that domain for the topic you inserted. 

5) Google Search Console 

Google has so many search tools, and the Search Console is designed to measure your site's traffic and performance. It also has a plethora of videos and resources to learn the best ways to optimize your search appearance on Google and increase your site traffic.

6) Google Drive Research Tool

This is possibly one of the best search tools that Google has. It is embedded in your Google Drive already; just click on Tools, then Research, and a search window will pop up alongside your content. You can also easily add the content you see to your document.

For Content Editors 

7) Grammarly 

Grammarly uses an AI-powered writing assistant to evaluate your content, not only for spelling and grammar but also for style and tone. You can use it to check written blog content, emails to clients, advertisement copy, and so much more. Never make another silly grammar mistake again!

8) Content Calendar 

A content calendar is incredibly important to keep you organized, ensure you schedule content, and ensure that your content aligns with your brand identity. It can help your whole team visualize the content that will be put out in the future and double-check there isn’t duplicate or too similar content. It can also help remind everyone on your team about content due dates. 

For Writers

9) Evernote 

This is a great app to make notes, and lists, and even write articles. The mobile, desktop, and web apps all sync automatically, and the app automatically saves your work while you are typing. They also allow you to clip web pages without ads, as well as scan certain documents. They also offer paid plans with more team and company functionalities. 

10) Word2CleanHTML

This particular tool is great for copying content from Word, Google Drive, or Evernote to your content management system. It automatically filters and fixes formatting issues and converts to a clean HTML.

11) HTML Hacks For Marketers

This teaches quick and useful hacks for coding and working with HTML. They also have courses through Codeacademy to learn HTML and CSS skills.

There are many online marketing tools out there to help create and manage social media content, but it can still be overwhelming. Contact us to alleviate this stress and help with your content creation.