Copywriting consists of the words that marketers use to convince the reader or listener to take action. Good copy should lead the consumer to a call to action, such as purchasing a product, signing up for a newsletter, or learning more about the company. The following are necessary traits of compelling copy.

1. Makes Connections Between Ideas

At the base of good copywriting is the ability to form connections between two or more ideas. For instance, a cookware company may brainstorm copywriting ideas by connecting cookware to food, which connects to the gathering of friends and family, which connects to quality time with relationships, and so on. Good copywriters will be able to think outside the box and find connections that may not be obvious. 

2. Thought Provoking

Copywriting should point out unexpected perspectives, not just reiterate what has already been said about a topic or product. It's essential to consider the "why" behind any marketing message. Capture the attention of the audience and make them think. 

3. Understands The Target Audience's Perspective

Before writing copy, think critically about who the audience is. Take the time to research the market and find out what it is this specific group of people wants or lacks. 

4. Has A Great Hook

Excellent copy will leave the audience wanting more. If the reader or listener isn't hooked from the start, they have no reason to keep reading and are unlikely to take action. 

5. Straight to the Point

Jargon and excessive verbiage can be intrusive to copy. Keep it simple. It's much easier for your intended message to come across if you don't cut corners. 

6. Avoids Exaggerations and Slang

One mistake copywriters often make is using language or references that will only get through to a small percentage of their audience. Again, copy should be easy to understand. Avoiding exaggerations will build trust with the audience. Instead of saying that a product is great, show the audience why it's great in a straightforward and engaging way.

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