Building an effective digital marketing campaign is an intricate process that involves several moving parts. Most brands find it relatively difficult to create the perfect digital marketing strategy to develop and grow their business. Below are the top ten tips to help you design an effective digital marketing campaign.

1. Identify Your Goals

What is best for your brand and business? Do you need followers, conversations, email responses, or likes? Identifying your main goal will help you tailor excellent digital marketing campaigns for 2020. Understand that some of the most vital goals include follower growth, brand awareness, and lead generation.

2. Pinpoint the Target Audience

It would help if you identified the kind of people who are purchasing your products or services. Do extensive research and compare it with your competitors to determine your target audience. Use analytics from your website to determine the type of people that shop for your product.

3. Create Customer Personas

Develop a customer persona that represents your brand. Ensures you include factors such as their work, annual income, dislikes, likes, age, and family situation. Creating ideal customer profiles and personas takes patience, practice, and time to get it right.

4. Create a Budget

Every digital marketing campaign needs a well-thought-out budget. If you are hiring a marketing company, you will have to budget for running the campaign and paying for their services. Ask yourself the amount of revenue you want to generate to help you set reasonable goals.

5. Choose the Correct Channels

Note that you have to pick the right digital marketing channels for your type of business. A business-to-consumer company cannot use the same strategy as a business-to-business company. You will need to use a combination of online marketing strategies depending on the type of business. 

6. Conduct Keyword Research

Keyword research is a vital consideration if you are planning on optimizing your website or running Google Ads. Understand that search engine optimization (SEO) is free, while PPC will cost you a few extra dollars. Putting yourself in the customer's shoes is an excellent way of conducting keyword research.

7. Generate Ads

It is now time to venture into the world of social media advertisements. However, you will need to invest in creating engaging material for your audience. Ensure you set a small advertising budget and slowly scale it up.

8. Maintain and Create Your Social Media Presence

It would help if you monitored and managed your social media accounts. Your primary focus should be on growing your fan base; you shouldn't rely entirely on existing customers. An excellent online reputation is critical to maintaining your social media presence.

9. Build an Email Marketing Strategy

Understand that Email marketing goes hand-in-hand with any digital marketing campaign to provide quality traffic. Collect emails from your social media accounts or website and use them to encourage follower growth. You could always set up an automation system to help you keep up.

10. Organize an Effective Remarketing Method

Through remarketing, companies can recapture sales that they might have missed. For example, you can use social media to target individuals who browsed your products without making a purchase. Understand that a few customers may slip from your grasp every once in a while, but remarketing will help you attract these customers.


Building a digital marketing strategy can be a huge nightmare. However, De Novo Digital is here to help accomplish your digital marketing goals! Contact us to elevate your business by executing your digital marketing goals.