Want to know one of the biggest reasons you could be underperforming your peers? You may not be giving the customer the right call to action to progress them through the sales funnel toward a purchase or your desired buyer experience. 

You may have an excellent product, a killer presentation, and great rapport — but if you never ask your visitors to take the next step, you will not turn that traffic into leads. The customer will miss out on a great product and you will be missing out on a potential sale.

What is a Call To Action (CTA)?

A call to action, CTA,  is a small but critical component of your online marketing process. It is the clickable action for your audience to take in a lead generation campaign. 

Are you trying to build your email list? Encouraging users to join your online community or group? Trying to get your audience to call or contact you for more details on your product? Whatever action you are hoping your target audience should be clearly stated in your call to action.

How Do I Convert Search Engine Traffic?

It is vital to craft a compelling CTA because, once your target audience's attention is lost, their intention to buy usually goes with it. If we don't clearly show website visitors the next step, many potential paying customers will browse on by. 

Call To Action Examples That Convert

CTAs should be a few words or a simple phrase. Here are a few:

  • Sign Up Now — a great way to build your list or promote your event.
  • Join Us — an excellent and friendly way to have prospects opt into your emails.
  • Get Started — gives an intermediary step to a prospect before you ask them to buy.
  • Learn More — a gentle phrase that invites prospective clients to gain more information. Great for Facebook ads.
  • Start Your Free Trial — everyone loves free stuff.
  • Subscribe — basic and simple but proven effective again and again.

Here are some top-performing CTAs that HubSpot pooled together: (Read all the CTAs.)

  • Let’s Start A New Project Together — EPIC
  • Are You Doing Your SEO Wrong? Enter Your URL To Find Out — QuickSprout
  • Go Premium. Play Free — Spotify
  • Send Me Specials Now — Aquaspresso


Whether you want to get more sales, build out your email list, or meet with more potential customers, you'll need a compelling CTA to improve conversions. Of course, we would be remiss if we didn't give you a CTA of our own. We are artists and creators dedicated to helping you craft stories and strategies that win you clients and support your mission. If you would like to learn more about how we can help you, contact us today!