Wondering how to get more email subscribers and how to write emails that readers will read? Reeling in your readers with the right hook is the first step in writing emails. Subscribers should be engaged when they read the title and the first sentence, but how do you get them to keep reading? Initial interest is the first step, but good content is also essential for your email marketing campaigns. Here are email writing steps that will reel your readers in from the title to the last word.

Make your email personal for your target audience

No matter what niche you are in, it is vital to target the right audience to get the most from your email campaigns. Organize your email list by where they fall in the buyer's journey and send them emails that are most relevant to them. Here are a few points to target the right audience:

  • Organize your email list and group people who are in similar places in your buyer's journey
  • Use dynamic emails that target more personalized audiences
  • Target your niche with offers and free trial options
  • Narrow down your target audience to the group that is most likely going to engage and make a purchase
  • Create a drip email campaign or automated emails for your audience groups

Blasting your emails at the right target audience is the most crucial step in creating a successful marketing campaign.

Reel readers in with a subject line that hooks

The subject line of your emails needs to have a hook to reel in readers. The subject line is your email title and needs to be catchy, related to what you're going to be talking about in the email, and unique enough to keep them reading. A subject line that is short, direct, and creates a sense of urgency is the best hook to reel in readers. Pointers to consider for a catchier email subject line include:

  • Keep it short and straightforward to not turn subscribers away
  • Don't give away all the email content in your subject line
  • Keep your subject line relevant to your niche and target audience

These points will help you create catchy subject lines that captivate your readers for a successful email campaign.

Fill your emails with relevant content

You need to create content for your email campaigns that attract your readers. To create effective emails, they should include text that is timely and relevant for your readers and enjoyable and aesthetically pleasing. Here are a few ways to use additional content and media for your email newsletters:

  • Feature visual aids and media that add to the writing in the email, like infographics, charts, and catchy imagery
  • Add related videos (or video links) to supplement the newsletter-written content
  • Use images that sell your brand and engage your audience

Adding relevant content to your email campaigns will help engage your target audience and keep them opening every newsletter you send.

Format content to keep your readers engaged

The content of your website needs to be formatted to help keep readers engaged. The format for an email newsletter will be different from website or blog content. You want to fit all the vital information for your niche audience in a single email that isn't too long for readers to stop reading. Formatting tips you will want to use:

  • Use short and catchy headers
  • Keep written content short and straight to the point
  • Mix up content with additional media
  • Use bullet points to express ideas and insert links

The formatting is essential when developing the content for your email newsletter campaigns. Hiring a professional service to help with the arrangement will ensure you can fit all the information in a single email blast with the most effective and enticing layout. 

Hook your readers' emails by nailing the CTA

The Call To Action (CTA) is the most critical aspect of an email newsletter. The CTA should be how you finish the email with a closing that delights the audience and inspires them to call or visit your website. The best-performing CTAs for email marketing include the following traits:

  • Use exciting, actionable phrases
  • Give your CTA buttons color to attract your audience's attention
  • Use the CTA for your emails before the closing paragraph

The call to action should be one of your top priorities for your emails, and these hooks will help ensure your subscribers purchase a product or take action.

Profitable email marketing campaigns should reel your readers in and have them hooked from the subject line. To get your readers engaged for a successful email marketing campaign, contact us to help develop your email marketing campaigns.