What is Whiteboarding and How It Can Help Your Team Be Productive? 

Whiteboarding involves organizing brainstorming sessions in a collaborative environment using a whiteboard. The whiteboard is a physical or virtual platform on which team members share and demonstrate their ideas. You can use a virtual whiteboard to chat, share notes, draw charts, and send files. Below are tips on how to make whiteboarding successful. 

Encourage Creativity

Encourage your team to channel their creativity during the whiteboarding session. Urge them to illustrate their ideas and share resources such as relevant YouTube and web links on the whiteboard. Let them express their thoughts and reservations about different proposals. 

Keep It Professional

It is easy to lose focus or get distracted by too many ideas while whiteboarding. That is why you should outline your goals right from the start and appoint a moderator. Write down the goals so that everyone knows the objectives and let the moderator put down off-topic ideas.

Stimulate Productive Conversation

Encourage the team to have a meaningful conversation by allowing everyone to speak their mind. Let the session be highly interactive, with the participants discussing each idea exhaustively. Make sure that all participants are satisfied with their contribution at the end of the session.

Be Organized

Effective brainstorming sessions involve exchanging many ideas, and the back and forth can leave the whiteboard very disorganized. Ensure the whiteboard is organized by partitioning it into different sections, each of which should be labeled for easy identification. This will reduce clutter as all the notes and comments will be in separate regions. 

Virtual Whiteboarding Software

Microsoft Whiteboard allows users to edit content and comment in real-time. It offers unlimited workspace and the option to save your work.

Zoom digital whiteboard is part of the video conferencing software. You can find it under the Share Screen button. It allows users to contribute by writing and annotating content. 

Limnu is the closest you get to a real whiteboard and allows users to edit notes in real-time. It also has a chatbox, which members can use to make contributions.

Conceptboard has a live cursor that allows users to contribute at the same time. It also has a video conferencing option that you can use to talk with your team. 

Bottom Line

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