Pinterest is a platform based on ideas, inspiration, and storiesand it's growing. The company's monthly active user count has reached 335 million, and it is now the third most popular social network in the United States. This makes its platform prime real estate to market your brand. Not only will it reach lots of users, but it will also reach users who are most likely to buy your product.

Who Is Using Pinterest

We've established that there are lots of people on Pinterest - but who are they? Here are three statistics to give you an idea of who uses this platform.

  • Women, especially mothers, fuel Pinterest. Over two-thirds of its base is made up of women, and 80% of moms in the United States have a Pinterest account.
  • High-income individuals are roughly twice as likely to be on Pinterest as low-income individuals. 
  • 97% of searches on Pinterest are unbranded, meaning users are open to new ideas and products.

Overall, Pinterest users are interested in and financially able to shop around for new products. They are on the platform to discover new things, making Pinterest a valuable marketing investment for companies.

How Are People Using Pinterest

Pinterest is as much a search engine as it is a social media platform. Data shows that 48% of users in the United States are using the platform to search and shop for products. That's three times higher than Facebook, which is the next closest competitor. Users are also visually oriented- research has found that 85% of people shopping for furniture or clothing put more emphasis on visuals than textual information. Furthermore, 49% of respondents say they develop a better relationship with brands through pictures and visual searches.

How Pinterest Can Be Used For Your Business

Pinterest is a great place to drive website traffic and sales. The key to making the most of the platform is to focus on clean, high-quality visuals and increase engagement through follows and promoting your Pinterest account on other social media platforms. There are plenty of free graphics tools like Canva, Crello, and Snappa that you can use to create your visuals. Pin consistently and create boards that represent your brand well. Link posts to your websites to encourage viewers to explore more of what you have to offer.

Pinterest is the Moneyball of brand marketing. Get started today, or contact us for social media marketing help.