If your audience sees your ads so often, become bored, and stop paying attention to your content, they suffer from ad fatigue. Ad fatigue is when your target audience gets tired of your ad message because of the high frequency of times they’ve either heard or seen your ad. When your ads become stale, your audience will begin to disengage with your ad or even click away to avoid it, pushing you further from your campaign objective. 

Ad fatigue can hurt your digital marketing firm's bottom line because it prevents your potential customers from moving down the sales funnel, and your company will be paying for ads that are potentially being ignored. The following tips can help you prevent ad fatigue.

1. Monitor your campaigns

If you don't monitor your ads’ performance, you may never know whether they weigh down your audience with ad fatigue. Measure ad performance by keeping track of the number of times users see your ads against the click-through rates (CTR). Monitor the frequency each user sees your ad. Consider updating your ad if the frequency of times a user sees your ad is increasing, yet your ad CTR is decreasing. 

2. Update visual appearance

Not many people would want to see the same ad countless times, but it doesn't mean that you have to change your ad creative’s core. A simple solution to this challenge is adjusting your ads’ background color and fonts or playing with the wording to make them appear new and re-ignite your audience’s interest.

3. Adapt ads using ad customizations

You can increase conversions and maintain the freshness of your ads by making use of Google ad customizers. For example, if you are running Pay-Per-Click (PPC) ads, Google customizers help keep them fresh while creating a sense of urgency that entices users to click on your calls-to-action.

4. Alternate ads regularly

Pushing an ad to the same people too many times can result in ad fatigue. But you can get around this problem quickly by creating multiple ads that contain the same message but with different texts and designs. You can then rotate the various versions of the same ad to keep your campaigns on track. As you rotate the ads, be sure to deliver them at the most appropriate times of the day.

If you don't take measures to combat ad fatigue, your audience will lose interest in your ads and, ultimately, your products. Let De Novo use our ad expertise and knowledge to execute your goals. Contact us for your all ad needs and avoid ad fatigue.